Penny Rich for County Commissioner

Continued Climate Action


Remind your friends and neighbors that the Primary Election in North Carolina has been moved up to Super Tuesday on March 3, 2020.

Spread the word that a recent court ruling means that VOTER ID WILL NOT BE REQUIRED in our Primary Election.
Find a complete list of dates and important 2020 Election Information on my website.
February 7 – Voter Registration Deadline
February 13 – Early Voting Begins
March 3 – Primary Election Day

With the new year here, many are thinking of what they want to improve in 2020. My New Year’s Resolution is to push even harder for solutions to combat the Climate Crisis. I am hoping you can join me to show that what we do locally has an effect across the state, country and world. Our children remind us that we need to do better so in the future they have the ability to live in a healthy world.
In my role as county commissioner, I resolve to stay committed to local solutions that address the climate issues we face. I am committed to continue exploring recycling solutions that recover carbon based materials converting them into a safe alternative fuel source. 

I am committed to:
Working with UNC to find an alternative energy source and eliminate the use of coal.
Promoting denser land use patterns, connected by a strong regional transit system to reduce further sprawl and the greenhouse gas emissions that come from long commutes by car.
Working with communities to perform energy audits to help weatherize homes and switch to more efficient appliances and thus reduce energy bills and carbon footprint
Safeguarding the county’s Land Legacy Program to protect important natural habitats and forests
Together, we can make the needed progress to reduce our county’s footprint to carbon neutrality within a decade. To do that, I need your support in the quickly approaching primary election.


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I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail during this important election year. You can find a complete list of my FOCUS ISSUES and CAMPAIGN ENDORSEMENTS on my website. Please reach out any time with questions or suggestions as we work together to protect what is great about Orange County and continue creating new opportunities.

With Gratitude,

Penny Rich

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