Penny Rich for County Commissioner

Put Housing First

As a long time Carrboro resident, I am fortunate that there are more qualified candidates running for county commissioner than there are open seats. This gives me the opportunity to choose the candidates I believe will best further the cause of improving affordable housing policy and increasing local funding for the same.

The Board of Commissioners has done an excellent job over the years investing in our local school systems, protecting the environment and nurturing the quality of life available to county residents. However they have fallen short for more than a decade with regards to affordable housing for those who live – and especially – work in Orange County. Hence, I will be voting for District 1 candidates Mark Dorosin and Penny Rich, and my at-large vote will go to Mark Marcopolos.

Without the months-long advocacy of Dorosin and Rich there wouldn’t be any funding in the proposed November 2016 bond referendum for affordable housing; now there is $5 million. And I’m sure they would have also voted to include similar funding proposed by advocates for the county’s senior population if given the chance. And Marcopolos was advocating right along with them for the same outcome as the citizen-activist that he is deservedly well-known for.

If you want to be assured that the county government has turned the corner on improving the prospects for affordable housing in Orange County I encourage you to also vote for Mark Dorosin, Mark Marcopolos and Penny Rich. They all can be counted on to maintain the values that Orange County is well-known for and to extend that reputation into the arena of affordable housing and related social justice policies.