Penny Rich for County Commissioner

Re-elect Rich

I have known Commissioner Penny Rich during all of the years of her public service to our community since 2001, and I hope she will be re-elected as an Orange County commissioner in this year’s elections.

Experience really matters in local governance. It demonstrates what that person values and has championed in her choices among the public needs always in competition for limited resources. Penny has been faithful and wise in sorting out these priorities through her public service first as an OWASA board member, then as a Town Council member, and for the last three years as an Orange County commissioner.

Penny’s work on those 14 separate budgets proves her priorities, including funding to keep our school systems the best in the State, which has become especially important in face of the legislature’s continuing attacks on public, local education. Penny’s priorities also include diversifying the county tax base, and providing the human services every county resident deserves. And, she has supported Orange County’s commitment to complete extension of public utility services to the Historic Rogers Road community.

I think that keeping Penny Rich as Orange County commissioner ought to be a high priority for all voters in this year’s elections.