Penny Rich for County Commissioner

Rich Gets Aging

Many others have written endorsements that focused on Penny Rich’s leadership on the Board of County Commissioners and commitment to Orange County. I’m writing to endorse Penny for her understanding and commitment to growing aging community in Orange County.

Penny understands the challenges of the aging population by being the primary care provider for her 86-year-old mother. Penny clearly realizes the demographic changes we are facing. By 2034 the population in Orange County over age 60, 65 and 85 will increase by 76.2 percent, 109 percent and 167 percent, respectively. With this increase in 65 to 85 age group the need for dementia care will expand greatly.

At the present time Orange Department of Aging has the best plan in the state developed by Director Janice Tyler, and she clearly understands the challenges facing the county and needs the support of the entire Board of County Commissioners. Rich can provide the leadership needed to address the coming aging issues.

I urge you to vote to re-elect Penny Rich based on her commitment to rationally addressing the aging challenges in Orange County. I fully understand the challenges since I serve on the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging and the Triangle J Area Agency on Aging where Penny is the county liaison. I have been active in aging issues for the last 12 years and know we need Penny Rich! Vote with me on March 15 to reelect Penny Rich, Orange County commissioner, District 1.