Penny Rich for County Commissioner

Rich Knows How To Communicate

Penny Rich, Orange County commissioner since 2012, has been deeply involved in the lives of the citizens of the county since 2001 when she was a member of the Orange Water and Sewer Authority and from 2009-11 on the Chapel Hill Town Council. Over the last decade plus she has advocated for those without a voice, as well as for issues that have affected all county citizens. Most important are Penny’s efforts to consistently and continuously communicate with all of us, her constituents and neighbors, about her and our government’s activities.

Penny recently chaired our county’s Strategic Communication Committee. She is a member of the national Telecommunication and Technology Committee in Washington D.C., and has continued her education in communications and conflict resolution through the UNC School of Government and the Dispute Settlement Center.

Commissioner Penny Rich is Orange County’s best and only choice for those of us who feel it is our duty to know and participate in what occurs in local politics.