Penny Rich for County Commissioner

Rich Ought To Be a County Commissioner

To The Editor:

With early voting starting this week, the focus of most students will likely be on the presidential primary. However, local government is also very important, and I hope you will support Penny Rich for reelection to the Orange County Board of Commissioners. Students are directly affected by the services that our county provides, and your vote truly matters in a local election like this.

Across the board, from economic development to transportation and everything in between, I trust Penny Rich to do her best for Orange County. As a lifelong resident of Chapel Hill, I know that Penny’s efforts to provide more affordable and workforce housing are exactly what we need from our elected officials. As a recent graduate of Chapel Hill High School, I know Penny’s support of schools helps to create a better future for the children of our area. As someone concerned with our environmental future, I appreciate Penny’s support of recycling and her work to find ways to responsibly dispose of our trash. As a student, I appreciate Penny’s support of public transportation.

I hope you will vote with me for Penny Rich. She has worked hard to create new opportunities for Orange County.
Josh Mayo

Junior, UNC-Chapel Hill

Public Policy