Penny Rich for County Commissioner

Rich Represents All

Commissioner Penny Rich is truly a commissioner for all of Orange County.

Early in her tenure she co-chaired the Rogers Road Intergovernmental committee producing a final report supporting a community center and sewer infrastructure for the Historic Roger Road homeowners.

The Roger Road Community Center will soon celebrate its first year, thanks to the dedication and perceptive budgeting by Commissioner Rich. It took decades but with Commissioner Rich’s support, not only are the promises finally being fulfilled but landfill has been closed and remediation has begun. She continues to engage Chapel Hill Transit in efforts to improve bus service to the Rogers Road neighborhood and as the second phase of the sewer engineering comes to an end, the digging will soon begin to lay sewer pipes.

This is the integrity and loyalty for all citizens Orange County not only needs in a commissioner, but deserves. A commissioner for everyone. Please vote with me on March 15 to reelect Commissioner Penny Rich, District 1.